Friday, January 23, 2009

BOTT's over

Well, BOTT is over for 2009.  The expectation of Monday has given way to the exhaustion of Friday.  The anticipation energy of Monday has given way to the "it was, it is, it's over" total lack of energy of Friday.  Some are traveling home, some are waiting to travel in the next few days.  Some are dreading returning, some can't wait to return.  Regardless of the mindset, anyone who attended feels differently both mentally and physically today than they did on Monday.

What about you?  An entire week of your life that you will never recover has almost faded into oblivion?  What did you hear?  What did you feel?  What did you experience?  Those are the obvious questions.  The deeper question is: What will you do with all of those feelings, those revelations, those moments with God and fellow travelers?

What spoke to you?  And what are you saying back?


  1. Completely overwhelmed...that's where BOTT left me. How do you put it all into words? I am reaffirmed that as I keep my eyes on Him, He will lead me into places I never dreamed... but I can't look at any of the circumstances surrounding the "trip" there... He's in it all even when we don't understand or even think He could possibly be. AND... there's not enough room on your blog to say how deeply I'm moved about BEING the church...BEING the safe place of refuge for people... thank you, Pastor Terry for that!

  2. It was my first time at BOTT, and what can I say?
    I have travelled with a small delegation from my church from abroad, and the entire week has been so overwhelming.
    We have been led into His presence with the help from the incredible choir, we have heard fabulous messages, but somehow I can't shake off the feeling that reducing the experience of BOTT to only what was sung and preached is so demeaning!
    We have been received with the most loving, generous and kind hospitality, it was just overwhelming; we have been surrounded by amazing people for the whole week; we have seen a great church, a church founded on prayer; we connected with old friends and made some new ones; we had great cajun food (it wasn't all spiritual!!); and we got back renewed, encouraged, refreshed, with so much focus and vitality.
    I could write a lot about that whole week, but what will I take back?
    I am alredy back and am committed to be the best I can be, (from Monday to Saturday especially); to make my home and my church a safe place; to stand firmer for this beautiful truth.
    Last but not least, committed to saving from now to be there next year again!
    A big thank you to all of the folks at POA, we love you and we pray for you.