Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dream AND Do the Hard Things!

A great big shout-out to all the wonderful young women who were in the Saturday session of Arkansas Ladies Conference!  I hope you have been continually dreaming since then...and also planning ways to put your dreams into practice.

As a review for those of you who were there and a point of information for those of you who were not, we had a wonderful session together discussing dreams.  There is great new book out by Alex and Brett Harris entitled Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations.  It talks about how today's society has reduced the expectations of those in their teens to an unprecedented low level--and teens AND their parents have stooped to meet this low level of expectation.  When teens are presented with a very high level of expectation of what they can and need to do and who they can and need to be, they rise to meet those expectations.

The Harris twins also have a website in which they discuss a lot of their concepts (www.therebelution.com).  

Terry and I and our kids are in the process of reading this book aloud in a Shock Family Meeting at least 3 evenings each week.  We are articulating our dreams and structuring our family life so that we can accomplish those dreams. Our kids are learning that THEY can do the hard things as well.  At the Homeplace, the Shocks have decided that we will make a difference--all four of us--and that the world will be a better place because we have lived.  

At the Homeplace and in Arkansas, we have issued a challenge.  What are your dreams and what will you do in the next two months to accomplish them?

Several of the dreams which were shared in the group were incredible...there is no doubt in my mind that these young women can and will make a huge mark on the world in the weeks and months to come!

I hope to see a lot of what they are thinking and doing posted here...it inspires all of us!


  1. Hey Sis. Shock,
    I talked to you about the deaf conferences. Since then, I received permission to be an early graduate, and have enrolled in college.
    I will attend ANC this summer for two classes. Next year I will be a graduate. I also applied to be part or the rebelution forum. On top of all this, my youth group is trying to raise money for some to go to camps. I plan on trying to set up a "talent show", where there will be sign teams, including the one im a part of, singing and possibly bands. Ill keep you posted.

  2. Briana, I think that is incredible! You hit the ground running from our session, didn't you! Keep up the good work--I have no doubt you will accomplish all of the goals you have listed above. (PS--The whole family read your post and we were ALL impressed!) You go, girl!

  3. okay well i thought i would update you again...
    my letter to the rebelution forum was accepted.
    i have just been thinking about the "talent show" deal nervous that if i had in fact set it up, would it cause rivalry in the churches?
    a sad fact to admit but church groups i feel every where act somewhat like they are in competition with each other over these forms of worship already and i do not wish to add fuel to the fire so to speak. Also with other churches involved i decided that it might be a little rude to use that money towards our church camp fees so i been thinking of donating the raised funds to children's mansion.
    I recently received a job, which is awesome with the economy the way it is where i will not be required to work during church which i very excited about.