Saturday, March 13, 2010


LOVE was sent to me by a friend and I have lost the source...I apologize.  But read it and ponder.

The Bible is a prayerbook.

You don't read it statically. You read it proactively. As you read, the same Holy Spirit who inspired the writers illuminates the readers. How awesome is that? The Holy Spirit quickens the Word and something gets in our spirits.
I'm convinced that the Bible is the means to just about every spiritual end. I promise you this: if you are reading the Bible, God will convict you of sin that you need to confess. So in that regard, the Bible is the key to purity. You will also find plenty of promises to claim. The Bible sanctifies our expectations so we have more confidence after we read the Word. In that regard, the Bible is the key to faith. And, of course, it's the key to so many other things. What I'm getting at is this: prayer is a byproduct of Scripture.It is the way God talks to us. Then prayer turns the monologue into a dialogue.

My point? I'm not worried about your prayer life if you're reading the Bible. I think the quality of your prayer life will be directly proportional to the quality and quantity of Scripture you're reading.


  1. When I was growing up, we participated in many things like this. Most memorable to myself would be Pat Guillot's classes. I am terribly disappointed that somehow I didn't know about this class before it began. I am thrilled to find you blogging it; however, I would love to involve my whole family in a real class. Is this going to be offered again at the church? Any plans? In fact, why don't you treat this like the Bible Studies, i.e. your students "go forth" and become teachers of the same class, benefitting those who would otherwise miss it?

  2. I think it's from Mark Batterson's blog - LOVE the thought, the truth, behind it! :-) Love seeing my students getting in the Word of God for thsemlves.

  3. Hey putting it together now. Trying to work out the next several weeks. I will put your name on the waiting list...and will probably put it in the Weekly newsletter as well.

    Thanks, Rachel, that's exactly where it came from! You caused me to remember. . .

    Thank you both for your comments.