Friday, March 4, 2011

Time is not the enemy

Not that I would be so presumptuous as to think anyone has missed me, but I am the one who has suffered from my absence.  The need to write and process and progress verbally through the wonderful and challenging roads which I am being privileged to travel requires that I write. To those of you who claw your way through the process with me...well, thanks! Let's move on down the road a bit...

Having already been involved in several major events in this short year (including 15 days in the Philippines) my mind keeps returning to a sign that hangs on the door in a humble home of one of our Filipino pastors:


More than any other temptation in my life, the temptation to control my time is the greatest one I fight.

He knows the number of my days and the plans he has for me.

My prayer is that I may not thwart them by careening full speed ahead with what seems good to me and not asking Him if that is His plan for me.

My prayer is that I give God all the seconds of this day. He knows how to multiply them.


  1. Welcome back! I LOVE this and I TOTALLY agree!

  2. You have left a very deep-carved mark on the Filipino hearts. Thank you for spending your precious TIME with us. We love you all!

  3. Deb...We need a coffee session about "time." :-) thankful God says "yes" to spending my time with all of you! My greatest gift... Blessings!