Sunday, May 6, 2012

images...just visiting...

What a happy reunion! We have visited several times and
it is thrilling to see the growth of this precious congregation.
I wish all could feel the heat from the picture--
it would add incredible dimension to the image...
The Sunday School room.
Only one.
Completed at great sacrifice.

Assembling a puppet stage for the Sunday School ministry

Window into the parsonage
(Total size approximate to a one-car garage)
The porch also doubles as the church "foyer"

Entrance into the upstairs Sunday School room
The plastic wrap covering the window frame
has been torn by the wind...

Another church is in process of remodeling--the sign must be protected.

Pastor's Kids.
Burdened because their parents are burdened.
Burdened because they feel the responsibility.
Burdened because they, too, see the lost souls that surround them.

Our driver from the conference--a leader in another of the churches.
Blessed with twins and a beautiful family.

Church bus ministry.
Note the church theme for the year above the motorcycle...
God is Able!

My heart melts.
What will heaven be truly be "home" with our global family?

Always hospitable...always gracious...always inclusive...

Gloria and Dorcas Ministries adding beauty to the village churches
Gloria and Dorcas Ministries delivers once again.
A beautiful curtain was made to hang behind the pulpit.
God's House deserves the best!

Regardless of the surroundings or circumstances,
growth only happens when we are intentional.
What gets measured, gets done!

Demonstration of how water is obtained.
Rain comes down the bamboo pole into a barrel.
Pray the city will restore the water supply to this church.

Sweet fellowship at the home of retired missionary,
Rev. Kenneth Fuller and his wife, Doris.

A sacred time. All felt the poignancy of the hour we spent together.

Rev. and Dr. Fuller, Kendra and I
When the saints of God spend sweet fellowship together,
all is well.
Thumbs up!

© 2009-2012 by Melani Brady Shock

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