Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mark at the Sunday Crusade

I'm re-posting some of the pics and comments from today's services which Mark attended.  There will be more to come in a few more days.  Mark is below in the brown shirt with both his hands raised.

The man praying in the altar below is Marino, our Catholic driver. We hired him to help us find Mark, and he just stayed with us when Pastor got here. Pastor told him, "Buddy, if you stay around us you will become one of us." He spoke with tongues and had the most wonderful experience. Captain Mayor, (Also Pastor Mayor, is laying hands on him. It turns out that Marino lives very near to one of Pastor Mayor's church's!)

Now, don't worry too much... but Mark played with the Laker's basketball that we bought him so much that he must have dislocated some bones in his hand. His little hand was swollen and very painful, but he still worshipped with the best of them!

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