Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mark Continues

The story of Mark continues.

Brenda and Jeff picked him and his family up Saturday morning at 9 am (7 pm Friday, our time) to go to the Trinidad's Kids Church which they host on Saturday.  This is for the street children, of whom most are from an extremely poor region by a large dumping ground.  The dumping ground is how they survive.  The Trinidads teach them about God and about cleanliness, character, and Christianity.  They feed them a hot meal each week and hold a service with them.

This is what Brenda and Jeff reported about the POA KIDS Change the World money:

POA Kids!!!

Your money was SUCH a blessing to the kids in Tondo. We didn't really know what to buy these kids, so we asked Sister Sonja Trinidad, the Pastor's wife. She said, "They all carry things to school and a backpack would be such a blessing."

So, we went to one of the BIGGEST malls in the world, the Mall of Asia, and thought we could find what they needed there.

Now, this broke my heart, but she also said, "The thing they would like the most..." (Now I would not have guessed this in a thousand years) "...they need a hand towel and a face towel so they can take a bath properly."

She said that they were trying to teach these street kids about things like keeping clean, and taking care of yourself.

"They would also love to have a bar of soap."
Oh my!

So, that is exactly what we did. With YOUR money, we bought each kid a really neat package. A backpack, a hand towel and wash cloth, and a bar of soap.

~Jeff and Brenda

Brenda emailed me that Mark was very moved in the service and cried when told that Jesus was more than a statue; He lives today and loves Mark and wants to live in his heart.  I am so thankful that we now have someone who knows where he lives and knows about him that can make sure he gets to experience Jesus.

Mark is going to be a great man of God one day.  So are many of the POA KIDS.  All it takes is a vision of what can be.

God does the rest.

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