Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eat This Book: The Bible Was Written For ME!

"...Here's the thing; every part of the [Word of God--every] revelation, every aspect, every form is personal -- God is relational at the core -- and so whatever is said, whatever is revealed, whatever is received is also personal and relational. There is nothing impersonal, nothing merely functional, everything from beginning to end and in between is personal.  God is inherently and inclusively personal.

The corollary to that is that I, because I am a person, am personally involved in the revelation.  Every word I hear, everything I see in my imagination as this story unfolds, involves me relationally, pulls me into participation, matters to my core identity, affects who I am and what I do."

--Eugene Peterson

I wish I could grasp that fully.  I wish I could completely understand that every word matters--to me--personally.

Even the begats.

Even the rules in Leviticus.

Even the details of wars about which I would rather not know.

Even the parts of Revelation that leave me confused.


Lord, I believe.  Help thou mine unbelief.

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