Friday, December 2, 2011

day 9 - frenetic friday

Where I live, we celebrate Christmas BIG. Like, REALLY big!

All the different departments of the church start jostling early for a spot on the December calendar in which to have a Christmas party for their staff. I come from quite a large extended family, and several different branches of that family always try to find a way to connect for a night during the Christmas season. Then there are the different individual events to which we are invited and where we can connect to individuals that we don't get to see much during the year.

The days are filled with December deadlines for big January conferences and action steps for a big New Year's kick-off.  The nights are filled with people and parties.

Fridays are usually the busiest with last-minute prep for Sunday, wrap-up of the week's (un)finished work, tired plodding through unfinished duties that must be done, and anticipation of the evening's "party of the week."

Do we dare combat that this year?

Do we dare turn aside for one evening of reflection? Unplugged from busyness and connection? A few hours to be and not do?

Yes! We dare!

Challenge: Escape for a few minutes and allow Him to schedule your Friday. Stuff the frantic, busy, madness into a big Santa bag and throw it down the chimney. Lay your calendar on your altar and ask Him to show you where to fill in the blanks.

Frenetic Friday just might become a pocket of peace in your week...

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