Sunday, January 1, 2012

day 39 - this is my year!

Clean slates. Fresh starts. New leaves. Blank pages.

January 1 always arrives full of promise, full of hope, full of determination and full of "I can do this!"

I sometimes tire of the cynics who are growling about the futility of New Year's Resolutions and the lack of follow-through on the part of most who make them. They are full of recliner wisdom, those gurus. Can't you hear them?

"Aw, I don't fool with no New Year's Resolutions. It ain't no use! Ain't nobody keeps 'em, anyway. Buncha people just make up a buncha stuff they're gonna do to feel better about themselves and harp on it awhile and by the time Valentine's Day gets here, ain't nobody done nothin' about nothin'!"  (Can you tell I might have a few Southern roots?)

Regardless of the accent or the regional vernacular, the message is usually the same everywhere.

And the cynics sometimes weigh down the idealists.

I think I'm making only one New Year's Resolution this year.

And that is to plug up my ears against anything the Cynics have to say!

I CAN do all things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)

And I WILL do all things He speaks to me in 2012.

This is My Year!

(My husband told me so in his sermon this morning. You need to get the CD.)

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