Monday, March 23, 2009

Overheard while Eavesdropping:

ME: So.  This has been a great trip, hasn't it

MYSELF: Yes.  Yes, it has.  The trip of a lifetime, actually.  I've seen things on this trip I have always prayed to experience, but didn't know if it would happen.

ME: Yes, I agree.  So why are you a bit lonely?

MYSELF: Lonely?  Me?  I'm not lonely!

ME: Yes, you are.  Seems to me you might be homesick?

MYSELF: Who me?  I'm having an incredible time!  How in the world could I be homesick?  Besides that, I'm told that many people are following this blog, so I know I have people with me in spirit.

ME: Well, that may be true.  But nobody is commenting on this blog so you have no way of knowing whether they are with you in spirit or not.

MYSELF: Well, thanks for throwing that in.  Maybe they will take the hint....????

ME: Seems to me you may be missing your family.

MYSELF: Well....I think they are probably doing quite well without me.  They sound like they are doing quite well without me...

ME: Well, I don't think that has anything to do with you missing them.

MYSELF: No, it probably doesn't.  Does it say anywhere in the Word where Paul was lonely on his missionary journeys?

ME: I'm not sure.  But you aren't Paul.  

MYSELF: No, I'm not Paul.  He didn't have Terry or Bradyn or Mom or Kenny and Kim or Nan.  Or Roxy and Maddie.  I don't think he would have traveled so much if they would have been in his life.

ME: Okay, I'll be back.  Gotta make a phone call......


  1. YES, WE MISS YOU!!!!! What an incredible trip and opportunity.....beyond what we can even imagine. Roni

  2. Wow, it sounds so exciting. It is obvious God is doing wonderful things in your lives. May the Lord continue to bless and use you.

    Your friend,


  3. Ok, I am one of the guilty ones. I go to your blog every day, and... (don't tell anyone) but I even got choked up a time or two reading what all went on. It really is incredible, and yet, I never commented.
    I went from not giving a hoot about blogs, to where it has become one of my morning rituals. Thanks for writing such thought provoking words.
    I guess part of the unwritten rule of blogging is to comment on the ones you read regularly, so here it is.
    Jeff Mallory

  4. Ok, and I thought I was a split personality! Ha! I did not know you were blogging her until Steven pointed it out today! All I can say is: I am jealous!

  5. TOO FUNNY! Remember... back home we've all been trying to push away from our blog reading for a couple of weeks... but of course we missed you HORRENDOUSLY!!!!