Thursday, March 19, 2009

A visit with Danny

After visiting with Pastor Art and his wife, Rita, at their beautiful bamboo church, they asked if we would pray for Danny before we left.  We said, "Of course" and they led us across the path to Danny's house.

His family was out in front.  A couple of them attend church, but Danny doesn't.

Danny had just come from the hospital with heat stroke.  We walked into the front room of the house which was basically empty...they all carry their chairs to the outside during the day to get more air...and Danny was lying on a blanket on the concrete floor in the front room.  No air, no fan....just lying there.  So weak, he could only whisper.  I asked his name and he said, "Danny."  I asked if he believed that Jesus could make him feel better and he nodded.  So, somebody handed me some oil and we all began praying.

(You can watch this video on youtube.  Search for "A Visit with Danny".)

Many gathered around, but only our small group and the pastor and wife prayed.  The rest watched carefully.  Danny moved his lips, but I couldn't catch what he was saying.  At the end of it all, I squeezed Danny's hand and said, "In Jesus name."  He whispered, "In Jesus Name."  That's what he had been saying.  Then, he said it one more time, a little bit stronger, "In Jesus Name."

We left.  Last night at the Conference, his pastor's wife told me he was feeling much better, was up and around, and he and his family was thanking Jesus for touching him.  

We have too many options, you know?  When Jesus is the only option, there is no doubt about who to thank when the situation gets better.

I love going to the interior places....Jesus lives very close in there.

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