Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Preparing to leave on a trip is always the worst part of the whole thing.  Running here, there, cooking food to freeze so the ones left behind won't eat junk food, paying bills ahead, washing clothes, cleaning out the refrigerator (why is that?), making 15 trips to Target, loving on the dogs, writing cards for The Boy to open each day while I'm gone...

But it's all done now.  We're packed and ready...suitcases are by the door...the kitchen is clean...it's time.

20 days halfway around the world...Kendra and I leaving Terry and Bradyn behind...anxiously anticipating the forever memories to be made and the promise of life change in the presence of God...

For those who are praying and keeping up with us, we are forever indebted and grateful to you.  We will be sharing some of our adventures and our news here.

So...farewell until we land in Manila on Wednesday.  

sigh.  I forgot to get dog food.



  1. Prayed for you this morning... can't wait to read of all your adventures...

  2. Thanks so much for your prayers, Deb. They are already being felt!