Sunday, April 22, 2012

day 2 - layover in Hawaii

Don't you just hate long layovers?

Well, most of the time.

But THIS one was heaven-sent!!!

All of our hard work, all-nighters, stress-filled hours of preparing the Knowledge Project, Eat This Book, POA KIDS renovations, prep for this and prep for that were rewarded for a short 12 hours on our layover on the island of Oahu!

And what an incredible layover!

What a great group! Our stewardess, Stephanie, is on the far left in the white blouse.
We began the morning with an impromptu meeting/prayer in a hotel room that turned into an hour-long Divine visitation.  We were joined there by Stephanie, our stewardess, who was meeting us and slipped into the room while we were singing.  When we finished, she had joined our worship with her hands raised and tears flowing...and the day had not even begun!  It was just a sweet, sweet time with the Lord.

Although the weather wanted to be rainy, it would only rain on us while we were driving.  Totally incredible.
Peacock Diva

Struttin his stuff.  Show-off!
Hanauma Bay, the drive along the coast, the McDonald's in the remodeled church, the North Shore, performances by peacock divas, laughter, hugs, birthday celebrations (Iva Joy Custis), lost luggage found!, anointing service in Waimea Valley, sad good-byes (Stephanie)...

A perfect day to begin a Trip of Destiny.

Gathered for church in Waimea Valley.  We all agreed this was the prettiest one we had ever attended.

About to bring the Word.  An anointing service followed...what a great time we had.  The shuttle drivers were looking for the "group with the Bibles"...they wanted to make sure we were okay and got anywhere we wanted to go.

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  1. Please keep the updates coming.... I know there is more incredible and miraculous to come for all of you on this trip!!! We love you guys and are praying for all of you while you are there.