Wednesday, April 18, 2012

soul prep

More than speaking notes, this morning I am doing soul prep.

A group of 15 will be traveling with me to speak at a Regional Ladies Conference in the Philippines.  This is not new territory for me; I have done it several times before.  I know what I will see and feel even before I go.

And this morning, I am repenting humbly before God yet again.

Because I am preparing to speak to women who mostly have dirt floors and no mattress.  They either sleep on hard plywood bed frames or the floor itself. They cook on open fires or, if they are blessed, a hot plate.  They usually wear what has been given to them.  They exist on life, laughter, and God.  What do I say to them?

In reality, the message is the same for all of us: "Give Him everything!" The difference between them and us is the fact that, for the most part, they have.  We haven't.

The joy in the air will be tangible.  The faith will be unshakeable.  The worship will be celestial.  Many will be healed next week.  Many miracles will occur.  Why will it happen there and we rarely see it here?

Maybe...just maybe...because God is their only option.

I pray I will be counted worthy to stand with them...

© 2009-2012 by Melani Brady Shock

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  1. Very touching, Sis. Shock. Thanks so much for sharing. May God bless you. You are an inspiration and example to so many. Rebekah