Thursday, April 26, 2012

days 3 & 4 - travel

You really don't want to hear about these days.

I have a couple of pics that actually look decent when we arrived in Manila after a 12-hour flight (that was delayed...)  Don't know how that happened!  We finally found our bus to take us to the hotel and hid in our rooms for the next 8 hours before we began the n i g h t m a r i s h ordeal of boarding from Manila to Cebu.

It seems that people don't travel with luggage in the Philippines.  And if you DO carry luggage, it is evidently supposed to be empty.  :-) (We're smiling...seriously. But we are much poorer than when we started due to all the unexpected baggage fees.)

But NOTHING that is worth anything comes without a price! We are not on vacation here, so obstacles, hindrances, and challenges are to be expected.  No problem! Carry on!  Next stop: Cebu!!!

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  1. Awww! I wish I'd known. You could've down-sized and kept your unnecessaries at our house!

    Enjoyed the posts so far. We've been praying for y'all!

    That was a great report you tweeted regarding the Ladies Conference!

    Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!